We Are All Teachers

By Elisha Dorfsmith

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a liberty activist is education. I think many people in the liberty movement go into an argument or discussion under the assumption that the other person knows where they are coming from. Unfortunately, the failure of our public school system and society as a whole almost guarantees that the average person has not even read basic documents like the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. This makes our job difficult. Try explaining the concept of Nullification to someone who has never been exposed to the 10th amendment. Try arguing that congress is supposed to declare war to someone who thinks the president, as commander in chief, has that power. We have our work cut out for us.

Now that the midterm election is over, people are asking what now?  My hope is that liberty activists will step up and take on the role of teacher. It’s time to explain to everyone we know not just what we believe but why. This might mean that we have to educate ourselves on certain issues first. We may have to ask ourselves tough questions to make sure our views on liberty are consistent. We may have to support freedom and liberty for others even if it makes us uncomfortable. Nothing screams hypocrisy louder than when someone says “I believe in freedom but…”

Today’s liberty activist has more tools and resources at their disposal than ever before. There was a time when we had to rely on leaflets, independent newsletters, and protests. At best, we could only reach several hundred people at a time. Now, in this age of information and technology, we can literally reach millions.  New liberty books and documentaries are released every month. Social networking sites give us the ability to send information to thousands with the click of a button. Simply put, it is easy to make our voice heard by friends and strangers alike.

As those of us who worked on Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign know, it takes more than just saying something a lot to get a message out. You also have to look at what is most effective. I know that some hate the term “Community Organizer” but community organizing has been proven to work. Talk to your co-workers and neighbors (this may take incentive on your part to actually make an effort to meet them). Invite friends over for dinner and a documentary. Give liberty books to your loved ones this holiday season.

Liberty sparks creativity and liberty activists are some of the most creative people I know. Use that creativity to educate others. We have a lot of work to do and we can have a great time doing it. As leaders we have taken on the role of teacher. Our students are waiting.


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