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“Top Two” Is Bad For Arizona

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Last week the AZ Daily Sun wrote an editorial endorsing “Top Two” for Arizona:


While “Top Two” may sound like a good idea on the surface, the truth is that “Top Two” eliminates voter choice and silences independent voices. Many third party candidates run without expecting to win. Their goal is to expand the dialogue, bring overlooked issues to the table, and offer voters a chance to cast a protest vote if they are not happy with the two main choices on the ballot. It takes a lot of money to win elections. Third party candidates do not have the backing and funding of special interest groups and they do not have giant fund-raising machines behind them like major party candidates do. “Top Two” will ensure that third party candidates never appear on a general election ballot again.

Ralph Nader offers some good insight into the problems with California’s recent “Top Two” law:


Much more information can be found here:


Arizonans must stand up to the special interests and major parties as they attempt to destroy competition and choice  in elections. Don’t allow your voice to be silenced. Say NO to “Top Two.”



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